Filter It Out can offer a bespoke system designed specifically to your property needs. Whether you have your own water supply or on mains, Filter It Out can ensure that your water is clean and  safe for your family or business. 

With an experienced technician we can design an affordable and efficient system backed by expert knowledge and advice. All  new pumps, UV's and filter installations come with  12 month warranty and a 7 day a week breakdown service. 



Filter It Out provides a comprehensive maintenance service for systems installed by ourselves or by other companies. We offer a full breakdown service to deal with emergencies, that include out of hours call-out, and weekend call outs charged at normal rates. Filter It Out can carry out routine services on equipment such as water treatment systems or sewage pumping stations to maintain their performance, 



Whether you're looking for a simple adaptor or a whole pipework, pumping or filtration system, you can find what your looking for along with our knowledge and expertise at Filter It Out. Our products are specifically sourced to meet our high standards and your expectations. We will always source products to provide you with the most cost effective and efficient solution, being it a whole new system or adaptations to the one you currently have. All of our pipework products are manufactured from high quality materials such as ABS, PVC, MDPE and Polypropylene. We stock all types of fixtures and fittings and are available 7 days a week. 

Our products and services are used in a wide variety of settings including, Agriculture, and Horticulture, Swimming Pools, Commercial, Equestrian, Business and Residentail properties, Heating and Cooling, Water Treatment, Brewing and distilling, Civil Engineering, Process Engineering and Waste Treatment.